TC Electronic The Dreamscape John Petrucci Signature Modulation Pedal and TC MP75 Mic and Cable Bundle - Refurb


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TC Electronic The Dreamscape John Petrucci Signature Modulation Pedal and TC MP75 Mic & Cable Bundle

The Dreamscape pedal is a modulation effects pedal housed in a rugged metal enclosure that offers two chorus effects, two flanger effects, two vibrato effects, and the ability to download an additional TonePrint setting.
John optimized the effects for use on clean tones as well as on his crunch sounds, thus the pedal contains two difference chorus, flanger, and vibrato TonePrints each, described as follows:
Chorus 1: Based on the TC Electronic Tri-Chorus sound, creates a lush chorus tone.
Chorus 2: More subtle chorus for fattening up crunch tones. Viva Las Eighties!
Flanger 1: A subtle flanger effect for generating subtle, chorus-like flanger tones.
Flanger 2: Produces a familiar, classic ‘80s flanger tone when coupled with high-gain crunch.
Vibrato 1: A Leslie-type of vibrato effect with a short amount of feedback.
Vibrato 2: More subtle vibrato, doubling-type of effect.
So, Chorus 1, Flanger 1, and Vibrato 1 for clean tones, and Chorus 2, Flanger 2, and Vibrato 2 for your crunch sounds. But that’s just John’s idea. Do whatever makes you feel special.
The Dreamscape relies on digital signal processing technology to create effects, and it shares the TonePrint pedal series’ sample-rate specs of 48 kHz/24-bit. The pedal ships configured for true bypass operation, but a dipswitch setting inside the housing can be switched to provide a buffered signal path. Another dipswitch provides a Kill Dry function, handy if you’d like to stick this pedal in a parallel effects loop.
Four knobs provide familiar modulation controls: Speed, Depth, FX Level, and one that selects between the six effect algorithms and TonePrint settings.
You can load TonePrints from the Corona Chorus pedal into The Dreamscape.
A mini toggle switch provides overall tone shaping control: Bright, Normal, and Dark. These settings aren’t quite what their names suggest, however, as they are not global EQ tweaks. Bright makes the selected effect more pronounced, whereas the Dark setting renders all effects even more subtle.
For those of you with rigs more complex than a typical mono 1x12 combo, The Dreamscape offers true stereo operation, with stereo inputs in addition to the expected stereo output. The full stereo operation also makes The Dreamscape a useful modulation pedal for keyboard players.
Like other TonePrint pedals, The Dreamscape relies on standard 9V power. Having recently looked at many high-powered pedals that are more like rack gear in a box than actual pedals, it’s refreshing to find something we can just plug into our favorite power supply without any special voltage considerations. For those of you foolish enough to throw your money out the window and add to the landfill problems, you can of course use 9-Volt batteries.

Included in the bundle are a TCE MP75 microphone and an XLR cable.


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