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the M100 from TC Electronic is a relatively compact multi-effects processor stocked with well-regarded TC reverbs, modulations, and more. It’s designed for use in stage, home-recording, or studio-recording scenarios, and provides both mono and stereo processing. 16 effects are provided, including delay, flanger, phaser, multiple reverbs, and others. The signal path operates at 24-bit/48 kHz to ensure high conversion from analog to digital and back again.

On the M100’s rear panel you’ll find two 1/4” TS inputs for your sound sources, as well as two 1/4” TRS, impedance-balanced connectors. You’ll also note the footswitch jack with a single 1/4” TRS jack.

The front panel provides large input, output, and mix knobs, as well as a tap-tempo/select button, which allows you to control a host of parameters with the tap of your finger. You’ll also find a large encoder governing the effect-type you’d like to employ, and, to the left of this encoder, a knob for adjusting the values of selected parameters; thus, you can control the pitch in the pitch-shift preset, or the length of a delay. A bypass button lets you disengage the unit easily when you don’t want to use it, though the unit can also be instantiated and turned off by a footswitch, available separately.


Effects Provided
Cathedral: Simulates the reverberation heard in big cathedrals. This effect is characterized by a long reverb and church-like echoes. It works well with solo instruments and vocals.

Concert: Simulates the reverberation in a medium-sized concert hall. This preset is well suited for natural instruments such as piano and vocals.

Club: Simulates the cozy atmosphere of a medium-sized jazz club or theater. This reverb is characterized by its early reflections and short decay. The preset works well with vocals, electric piano, drums, saxophone, and other instruments.

Chamber: Simulates the typical characteristics of a chamber. The preset is well suited for drums, guitars, vocals, or whenever you need an unobtrusive reverb to add some life to a signal.

Gold Plate: Simulates the sound of the gold-foil reverb plate used in many studios of yesteryear. This effect features a very dense sound, and can add a distinctive sound to drums and vocals.

Gated Reverb: Simulates popular in the 80s reverb in which the tail is cut off by a gate. Typically used with snare and kick drums, this effect can be used to achieve interesting effects with other instruments as well.

Reverse Reverb: Produces a reverb which has its reverb tail reversed. Consequently, the reverb volume does not decrease over time but increases. This preset produces esoteric effects when paired with varied signals, and stands out of snare drums.

Ambience: Provides the signal with spatial information, yet does not produce an audible reverb. The preset works well with drums, keyboards, guitars, vocals, or anywhere that could use an unobtrusive room sound.

Delay: Produces several echoes and delays of the input signal, reduces them in level, and adds them to the original signal. Use the Delay preset to create rhythmic repeats on virtually any instrument, including keyboards, guitars, and vocals.

Chorus: This modulation effect can be used to add a warm touch to the original signal, giving more body and width.

Flanger: This modulation effect is a historically popular effect for guitars and keyboards, but you can also produce interesting sounds in combination with drums, vocals, or other signals.

Phaser: This effect adds a copy of the input signal that’s been shifted in phase. Phasing can be applied to guitar, electric piano, and keyboards, vocals, and more.

Rotary: Simulates the accelerating, braking, and rotating movements of a Leslie loudspeaker system. The fast rotation produces a tremolo effect. Traditionally, rotary effects have been employed on electronic organ. However, you can also apply it to guitars, clavs, and other signals.

Pitch Shift: This effect adds another signal to the original signal, either below or above the original pitch. You can use it for soft detuning or for extreme octavization.

Delay + Reverb: This is a combination of the Delay and Concert effects which works well with guitars, keyboards, and vocals.

Chorus + Reverb: This combines the Chorus and Club reverb effects, providing a classic effect for guitars and electric pianos.


TC Electronic M100 Stereo Effects Processor with Reverb, Delay, and More
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