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How to get big sound with an Iphone

I call it the the On-the-Go-Go mic.

A happy marriage, the Shure MV88 and iPhone. 

  • Running out the door? 
  • Going to be on the move? 
  • Limited on space to carry things? 
  • Need professional sound?

The iPhone internal mic, is nothing special as we all know.  At this point we all have run out the door and forgotten that sweet DSLR camera, or have no room to carry that perfect video camera when you are going to your favorite show with your buddies.

Shure MV88

This is where the Shure MV88 IOS mic comes into play, see how it plugs right into your iphone as shown in this example photo.  Small, portable, easy.  Take a digital stereo condenser mic and make it tiny and give it a connection to the lightening port of your iPhone.  Voila instant badd-ass sound when you are taking videos of your buddies rocking out.

Then you add in the Shure Motiv app on your phone and control the stereo width, polar patterns, EQ, and even allow you to edit all for free.

Flexibility with your mic is always nice to have especially when you are connecting it to a device your are holding in your hand, well the Shure MV88 even has a base that lets you flip it sideways.

Portability is key, with a carry case and a small form factor it all allows some really great on the go recording options.

Adding to all this we have a couple bundles to really take advantage of how you will use it:




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