Shure MV7 is it a baby Shure SM7B or just another USB mic?

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Some key differences between the Shure SM7B and Shure MV7 dynamic mics:

  • MV7 has two outputs: a standard XLR mic plug plus a USB connection.  This gives you the convenience to plug it straight into your computer without an extra audio interface or go right into your standard XLR that you already have set up.
  • MV7’s has a cool feature called Auto Level Mode, while connecting via USB you have now the capability to have the microphone adjust the level of your voice during a podcast or recording.
  • SM7 flexibility as a mic from everything between rap and rock vocals to guitar cabs, drums and podcasting.  MV7 sweet spot is midrange so singing or speech is ideal.
  • MV7 also gives you the great Motiv app check it out if you are not familiar with it.  Gives you recording, monitoring, metering, equalization, and compression, wind noise reduction, improved UI, editor.
  • SM7B has the low end covered with a wide and flat response and you will want a very good mic preamp.  Looking at those audio interfaces, make sure you are getting 60 decibels of clean gain.
  • MV7 more compact and integrated stand mount gives you a quick and easy way to get set up with minimum hassle for Streamers / Podcasters.
  • Already have a nice audio set up with good audio interface the SM7B might as well make it a perfect union.
  • MV7 gives you a zero latency monitoring via the direct headphone input.
At the end of the day the ideaL solution might be taking both mics, already have a Shure SM7B and want to interview people, grab an MV7.  Starting your podcasting programing then the MV7 will get you on the right track.  Want the best grab the SM7B.  Got a friend who does not have an audio interface and wants to Podcast suggest an MV7.


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